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Lobby Outlook Blurry at Jean Nouvel's Vision Machine

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After somewhat mediocre initial sales at French starchitect Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue, the building's developers chose to blame...the lobby, which in Nouvel's original design (above) was spare, black, and, brokers say, a little grim. The developers chose to replace the granite with carpet and three grizzly-sized rock sculptures by Upper East Side designer Jennifer Post. Nouvel chose to tell the Times that the developers "want to complete the building as inexpensively as possible and they want to take the money." Which brings us to today's development: Post told Page Six she has yet to be paid the final $10,000 for the lobby sculptures. Which kinda backs up Nouvel's theory, even if it means the cost-minded developers have now paid for two lobbies. And 2010's Most Serious Act of Starchitectural Heresy just got more serious. Nouvel in Page Six? Quelle horreur!
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