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Inanimate Object Can't See Progress on Washington Square Park

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Today's Curbed Awards are all about parks and urban planning, so it's fitting that there's an update on the never-ending renovation of Washington Square Park. The statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi has been bound and gagged, wrapped up tight in black and blue. Perhaps his winter garb is a prudent move to ward off the windchill, or maybe the workers who are finishing up the installation of molten black Caledonian granite pavers on the newly laid pathways simply want to surprise the big guy when their task is finally done, which will be, ahem, soon.

The circular Garibaldi Plaza, where Giuseppe will hold court, is nearly complete, and the raised Performer's Stage is tented for protection as work on the platform winds up. Other breakthroughs: plantings are in and seating alcoves have been benched; perimeter fences are up and new faux-historic light posts have been installed, the perfect housing for all those hidden security cams spread throughout the park.

The petanque courts, across from NYU's stoned faux-rest of spirituality, are filled with sand and oddly sloped within view of Giuseppe. With the promise that another Italian icon, NYU dropout Lady Gaga, will deliver the 2011 Commencement address in Washington Square Park next May, folks here would be wise to get things done, prontissimo!
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