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On the Upper East Side, "Deal Time" Means $1 Million Off

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The fifth-and-sixth-floor duplex at 188 East 78th Street, aka The Empire, first hit the market in November 2009 asking a $4.75 million. It was off the market without a buyer by August of this year, and when it reappeared in September, there was another change besides the broker. As the new listing explained, "this unit has just been repriced from $4.75 million to $4.195 million for 3,205 square feet. Fall 2010 is Deal Time and the seller will listen to offers." And Deal Time it was indeed, because the recently-recorded closing shows a final sale price of only $3.7 million. Another interesting bit of trivia about the place: it was sold by the estate of Jon Shevell, the deceased brother of Paul McCartney's girlfriend Nancy Shevell. (He bought the place for $2.205 million in 2001.)
· Listing: 188 East 78th Street 5/6C [Olshan]
· Sale: 188 East 78th Street #5/6C [ACRIS]