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Here's What the Controversial Union Sq. Restaurant Might Look Like

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[Renderings by BNODesign. Click on 'em to expand! ]

Little is known about the most debated part of the renovation of the north side of Union Square Park?the conversion of the 80-year-old pavilion building into a year-round restaurant?but here's a (first?) look at what to expect. This exterior rendering, and the interior one seen after the jump, appear on the website of BNO Design, the firm led by celebrity interior decorator Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. Work on the pavilion building continues despite that Fall 2010 promise, but there's been no word on an operator for the space.

The restaurant proposal led to several colorful protests against sticking a private business in a public park (though the building had been home to a seasonal café/bar) a couple years back, and it took a judge's tossing of a lawsuit to finally get things moving. That's in the past. The future? It's looking a lot more golf course clubhouse-ish, don't you think?

UPDATE: We just got off the horn with Geoffrey Croft, park advocate and member of the Union Square Community Coalition, which has fought the restaurant in the pavilion building. He tells us that in the end it was decided that the future restaurant will be seasonal, not year-round, and it was his belief that a different design firm was tasked with designing it. We'll have to wait and see if it ends up looking like these renderings.
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