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'Burg Gets Record Store, Market; Wal-Mart Redesigns for City Bid

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1) Williamsburg: A vacant storefront on Metropolitan Avenue will soon become, in a flashback to 1997, a record store. Racked reports that it will be called Fool's Gold Records, but no word on whether it will be a true record store or just an office for the record label of the same name.

2) UWS: The Barnes and Noble at the corner of 66th Street and Broadway will be closing this Sunday after a rent hike. No word yet on when Century 21 will be moving in.

3) Williamsburg: Hey, Williamsburg residents hoping for better amenities: check out the Williamsburg Food Market, coming soon.

4) NYC: Big box behemoth Wal-Mart is still trying to move into the New York City market. It's come up with a modified SuperCenter concept with urban areas in mind. Rendered above, it's got a Whole Foods-style interior and "Meatpacking District-style awnings."

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