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Buyer Decides to Test the Trump Soho Resale Market

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We've heard plenty about the Trump Soho buyers who are trying to get out of their contracts. They've filed a lawsuit over the condo-hotel's alleged fraudulent behavior, and if they drop the legal case, Team Trump has promised them some money back. But what of the handful of Trump Soho buyers who decided to go through with their deals? Are they pleased with their purchases? Well, one anonymous Trump Soho buyer has decided it's time to check out.

Two studios have just hit the market through the same Elliman broker, and both were purchased by an LLC with the same address, leading us to believe that both apartments are owned by the same person. First up is #3002, which was purchased for $1,084,305 in September and is now on the market for $1,214,000, a 12% increase.

Then there's #3111, bought for $1,181,944 and now asking $1,340,000, a 13% bump. Not the craziest flip attempts in the world, just a seller trying to save face, it seems. Please avert your eyes from the monthly carrying costs, and remember, there's all that rental revenue flooding in! Condo-hotels: the wave of the future!

With hundreds of unsold sponsor units left in the building, it might be difficult to make these stand out?unless you've got superb brokerbabble like the following:

"SOHO TRUMP"Own a business suite in what is undoubtedly one of the best 5 Stars hotels in the world. Managed and operated with revenue- generating rental pool, using a worldwide reservation "carousal? computer system with the signature of Trump International Hotel Management. All owners may occupy their suites for no more than 120 days per year and 29 Consecutive days in any 36 day period. With only 12 units per floor these Residential accommodations with captivating 3D views of New York City and exquisitely decorated by Fendi Casa offers all the comforts of home away from home.Standing Alone at 46 stories high with 391 elegantly appointed rooms and suites SoHo Trump incorporates a world class of luxurious amenities created for extraordinary people, like the Signature Trump Attaché delivering unparallel 24 hour service to the hotel guest .These services include dinner | shows reservations, luggage free travel, spa services, to personalized stationary upon request and more. SoHo Trump is simply committed to exceed your expectations.Is there a better way to bid adieu to 2010 than that? We think not.
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