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Maestro of Meatballs Proves Williamsburg Dreams Do Come True

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Back when developers dreamed up all those new Williamsburg luxury condo buildings, their wildest fantasies probably looked something like today's Post story on Michael and Donna Chernow. He's a hunky tattooed rising star in the restaurant world (co-owner of The Meatball Shop). She's a Danish-born Wilhelmina model. Together they're not afraid to get into a bidding war in the land of condo oversupply, and then buy the apartment across the hall when they lose out. Now if only they could be cloned.

According to property records, the couple paid $685,000 for their 900-square-foot one-bedroom apartment, which, when you factor in that private 800sqft roof deck, pretty much makes this entire tale immune to any sort of mockery. Is this the Post's ploy to sway the Curbed Cup finals?
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