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Is Huge Park Avenue Pad This Collector's Greatest Work of Art?

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While it's true that 515 Park Avenue lacks the prestige of some of its Park Avenue brethren?it is, horror of horrors, a condo?when you've got a hot piece of floorplan porn like this, who cares? Glenn Fuhrman, apparently. His 5,000-square-foot-spread up on the 14th floor is not quite high enough to include stunning vistas, but it does have 5BRs (6 if you count the maid's room, which we do not), 6.5BAs and more elevators than most NYC apartments have closets. It just hit the market for $16.8 million.

We're thinking this is the same Glenn Fuhrman who recently traded up to former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld's apartment at 640 Park Avenue, for which he paid $26 million. Fuhrman paid $9.9 million for this apartment back in 2001. Has it appreciated as much as this art collector hopes?
· Listing: 515 Park Avenue [Corcoran]