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Activists & Politicians Hope to Prevent NYU's Village Land Grab

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Sunday's bitter cold could only have meant one thing: It was the perfect day for yet another anti-NYU rally in Greenwich Village! Community Board 2 and the Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031 (sporting some newly minted business cards), along with some elected officials, gathered to call for the preservation of public space within NYU's two superblocks. Why? Because puppy playtime is at stake!

Specifically, the goal is to transfer ownership of some narrow strips of land on the outskirts of the big blocks below Washington Square from the Department of Transportation to the Parks Department, which will keep them out of the hands of NYU. These strips of land, which NYU wants so it can build things like the Zipper Building, are currently home to a dog run and some plants and stuff. NYU has promised to build new urban jungles to replenish the superblocks' supply.

There was a large turnout on LaGuardia Place, and the politicians were just as fired-up as the anti-NYU army over the threatened privatization of public space. The jolly statue of former Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia seemed to clap and smile along with the crowd every time State Senator Tom Duane (above) shouted something inspiring. NYU's opponents have been flying high since the tower plan got shelved, but can the Villagers keep up their momentum?
?Reporting by Zoe Katleman
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