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Light, Camera, Action at $10 Million Carnegie Hill Penthouse

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The Manhattan penthouse has a mighty allure. There's even a new listings service dedicated solely to their top-of-the-heap magnificence. This one just hit the market, and it's our favorite tower topper since...last week's Harrison Ford reveal. It's a 4BR, 3.5BA spread at 1235 Park Avenue, a Carnegie Hill oldie that was converted to condos in 1981. When people think Park Avenue and Carnegie Hill, dark and gloomy warrens usually spring to mind, but this place looks positively chipper! It's a wonder what a little sunlight and a lack of upstairs neighbors can do for a gal.

The penthouse sold for $5 million in 2007, but this time around the asking price is $10,750,000. Check out that 2,200-square-foot wrap terrace, and what we must say is a pretty spectacular array of listing pics, and tell us it's not worth it.

· Listing: 1235 Park Avenue #PH [Heddings Property Group]