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Holy Apartments! Strong Place Church Condos Finally for Sale

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Location: 58 Strong Place at Degraw Street
Size: 24 units
Prices: $885,000 to $2.1 million
Architect: Baxt Ingui Architects
Developer: Strongraw Realty LLC
Sales & Marketing: Brooklyn Bridge Realty

Neighbors of Cobble Hill's Strong Place Church have been waiting years for a sign...of life from the slow-moving condo conversion. That conversion into 24 luxury condos began when the market was still roaring, but the scaffolding didn't come down until a year ago (workers are currently restoring the fence), and the units are only just hitting the market. The project's website is still a teaser for now, so we haven't gotten a look at any floorplans, but there are a few interiors in the gallery above.
· Official website: The Landmark at Strong Place []
· Listings: 58 Strong Place [Brooklyn Bridge Realty]
· Miracle at Cobble Hill Church-Condos: Scaffolding Down! [Curbed]

Landmark on Strong Place

58 Strong Place, Brooklyn, NY 11231