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The Top Village Townhouses to Cheer Up Courtney Love

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At the very last minute, Courtney Love lost out on renting Milla Jovovich's townhouse on Greenwich Avenue to a guy who charges $17 to see a movie. She's not happy about it! Courtney, we'll overlook the spelling and help a sista out. The Jovopad is priced at $7.5 million, so here are the other neighborhood options in that range (want to go bigger? Give Uma a call). And we won't even charge 3%!

Where: 18 Grove Street (at Bedford) [listing]
What: 4-story with 5BRs, 5BAs and 3,765 square feet
How Much: $7,800,000
Pretty on the Inside?: The photos are kind of a mixed bag, but we do enjoy the "very European feel" of some of the spaces. Walled garden courtyard (making escape nearly impossible!) is a plus.
Live Through This: There's a separate garden apartment, which brings up the slightly terrifying thought of Courtney Love as landlord.
Rolling Stone Review: **

Where: 20 Jones Street (btwn Bleecker/West 4th) [listing]
What: 21' wide Greek Revival from 1844 with owner's triplex and garden apartment
How Much: $7,900,000
Pretty on the Inside?: This one's in pristine condition following a renovation (there are some original architectural elements preserved), but there's still some room for Court to leave her mark. There's plumbing for a wet bar?wait, that sounds like trouble?and the vaulted top floor still looks a bit raw. Recording studio, perhaps?
Live Through This: This one can be combined with its neighbor at 18 Jones Street to make a $17.45 million, 42-foot-wide megamansion, which might tempt her into overextending financially. But this is also the rumored home of Steve Earle, so maybe he'll cut her an industry insider's deal.
Rolling Stone Review: ***

Where: 142 West 11th Street (btwn Sixth/Seventh Aves.) [listing]
What: 5-story 1855 Italianate brick classic with over 6,000 square feet
How Much: $8,000,000
Pretty on the Inside?: Put it this way: This is the townhouse equivalent of what we imagine Courtney Love's brain looks like on the inside. Make of that what you will.
Live Through This: The quirky house, owned by a jazz cabaret singer, is divided up into several apartments and would need a lot of work to become a single-family house. And it's also listed as "in contract," which means Courtney would have to swoop in at the last second and do to the buyer what was done to her. A vengeance buy!
Rolling Stone Review: ****
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100 Greenwich Avenue

100 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011