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Cooper Square Hotel Getting Sold; Hotel Chelsea, Not Yet

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Despite their fondness for soiled undergarments, we will never doubt the folks living behind the Cooper Square Hotel. Their rumor that the owners of the Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand hotels were swooping in to buy the debt-plagued Bowery controversy magnet has panned out. Gothamist was at last night's Community Board 3 meeting, where some guys in suits tried to smooth over a potential transfer of the Coop's many liquor licenses and confirmed that the deal will be done soon. Will the new ownership be more friendly with the backsiders? We'll have to wait and see if spring brings a brand new douche bag swaying in the breeze.

Meanwhile, the iconic Hotel Chelsea is still for sale, and here's one name we're removing from the list of suitors: Ian Schrager. The godfather of boutique hotels (and owner of Noho's nicest lawn) tells Bloomberg News he recently toured the property and passed on it, despite it being a "sexy asset with an incredible sexy history." The owners reportedly want $90 million for the boho landmark, though they won't confirm that price.
· Cooper Square Hotel Being Sold to Soho and Tribeca Grand [Gothamist]
· Schrager Passes on Buying Manhattan's Hotel Chelsea After Considering Bid [Bloomberg]

Hotel Chelsea

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