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'East Chelsea' Residents Would Prefer Park to Affordable Housing

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The residents of East Chelsea don't have enough green space. Since we didn't even know East Chelsea?which DNAinfo defines as the space between Sixth and Eighth avenues and 14th and 26th streets?was its own neighborhood, maybe that's not entirely surprising. But now we're paying the sub-nabe some attention, because some old folks with hip replacements are campaigning for Community Board 4 to turn the empty lot at 136 West 20th Street into a park. There's just one problem: the community board already wants to use that lot for some new affordable housing. Ruh-roh!

Chelsea has a tendency to favor trees over tenants, and the members of the new 20th Street Park organization will bring their case before the community board in the next month or so. In the meantime, they tell DNAinfo, they've found one outdoor seating spot in their neighborhood: a bus stop bench at 20th Street and Seventh Avenue.
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