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St. Nicholas Church Files Claim Against Port Authority

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Another day, another World Trade Center redevelopment-related drama. The leaders of St. Nicholas Church have filed their first, long-threatened legal claim against the Port Authority, accusing the agency of "arrogance, bad faith and fraudulent conduct" and "shabby and unlawful treatment." The dispute, the Journal explains, stems from a 2008 Port Authority-church agreement to rebuild the church, which was destroyed by debris on 9/11. The Port Authority agreed to pay $20 million toward the cost of putting up a new (and now not shadowed) church on LIberty Street, near its old Cedar Street site. But plans stopped in March, and the church claim now accuses the Port Authority of digging on the old church site without permission and of committing civil rights and constitutional violations. The church has to wait 60 days after filing its claim before it can go to court, but it's not like we're expecting anything to change between now and then.
· St. Nicholas Church Begins Legal Action Against the Port Authority [WSJ]

St. Nicholas National Shrine

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