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The High Line's Great Lawn; Harlem Building Switches Sides

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WEST CHELSEA?Yes, we know, another High Line II construction shot so soon? But this one, from the Archpaper blog, is a doozy worth sharing. It shows the The Lawn at 23rd Street, one of the Phase II highlights revealed many moons ago. Will the High Line's strict anti-everything rules extend to this grassy paradise? Probz, but there will be bikinis. Bonus: The photo was taken from HL23 (remember that thing?). [Archpaper]

HARLEM?When is a broker switch more exciting than a broker switch? When it's at the building that fell victim to, as The Real Deal puts it, a landmark ILSA ruling. (It was the first successful NYC buyer backout using the obscure law.) Fifth on the Park is now in the hands of Halstead, and former reps at Griffin Real Estate Group say the split was amicable. The building's 160 units are 51% sold, and prices range from $489,000 for a one-bedroom unit to $1.74 million for a four-bedroom apartment. [Real Deal/CurbedWire Inbox]


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