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Shuttered Greenpoint Nightclub to Become Artist's Private Lair

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A number of factors contributed to the demise of hipsteriffic Banker Street nightclub Studio B, but the incessant neighbor complaints and DOB violations probably did the most damage. They are also what kept the Greenpoint building from selling in a more timely manner, but more than a year after the last laptop DJ unplugged his Macbook, Studio B has finally sold. The all-cash deal came in at $2 million, according to brokerage Massey Knakal, which had the listing. So who's the ballsy nightlife operator willing to take a $2 million gamble on a new war with the neighbors? Er, not so fast, party people.

According to Massey Knakal's Mark Lively, the buyer is an artist who plans on using the two-story industrial building as a private live/work studio. The club, in addition to the dance floor, three bars and partially enclosed outdoor space (remember those Studio BBQ's?), also has a renovated 4,500-square-foot loft space with a kitchen and bathroom. When you total up all the square footage, the sale works out to shockingly low $110 per square foot. The renovation will be pricey, but where else can you get that amount of space a step from Williamsburg for $2 million? No, really, please tell us where.

The anonymous buyer used the LLC name Dymaxion Ias. The nerds in the crowd will of course recognize Dymaxion as the brand name used by legendary architect/designer/crackpot Buckminster Fuller, such as on one of the worst cars of all time.
· The Shutter: The Decline and Fall of Studio B [Eater]

UPDATE: The Brooklyn Paper has identified the buyer as artist Matthew Day Jackson.