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All of Lower Manhattan Now Called 'CanDo,' Says This Guy

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The Financial District, Battery Park City, Tribeca, SUPPLE (Suspicious Urban Pockets in the Pussycat Lounge Environs)?with so many names for the neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, tourists get confused, and the identity of the area as a whole gets lost. And so Clive Burrow, chairman of the Lower Manhattan Marketing Association, has come up with a new nickname: CanDo, short for Canal Downtown. Upbeat!

Burrow thinks the moniker will help distinguish this part of the island from uptown, midtown and downtown (which he insists starts at 23rd Street and ends at Canal). So what's wrong with "Lower Manhattan?" No Soho-style pizzazz! The name already appears on maps being distributed in hotels, but so far we have yet to hear of any incidents of a cab driver punching someone in the face who said "Take me to CanDo!"
· Marketing group labels 'Canal Downtown' as CanDo to boost interest [NYDN]