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Dumpling Guru's Dumpy Bathroom; Harlem's Windows Hit Halfsies

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EAST VILLAGE?Rickshaw Dumplings founder Kenny Lao lives in the gorgeous and historic 307 East 12th Street. Know what's not gorgeous and historic? His bathroom. It only looks slightly worse than the typical East Village bathroom?and certainly not as bad as this one?but Architizer thinks it's NYC's worst, so they're running a design competition for architects to redo the room. The winner gets cash and prizes and, of course, the commission (Dumpling dude is not getting a freebie). Check out the contest page for details, deadlines, photos of the space and, best of all, Kenny's requests (ability to drink directly from the sink, bench in shower, etc.). [Architizer]

HARLEM?Previous strategies used to sell apartments at Harlem's glassy Windows on 123 included free SmartCars (remember those?) and the tried-and-true PriceChop method. Did they work? Well, the building is now 50% sold, reps report. There are 13 units remaining, 1-3BRs ranging in size from 835 to 1,885 square feet and in prize from $535K to $1.245 million. Beep beep! [CurbedWire Inbox]