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For Brooklyn Heights Money, Get a Count's House on the UES

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Earlier this week we spotlighted a Brooklyn Heights townhouse that had just hit the market for $5.5 million. That makes it the neighborhood's second most expensive house currently on the market (behind Truman Capote's old place), but on the Upper East Side, it wouldn't even crack the top 50. The bluebloods would snicker at such a sticker price?or buy the place and use it as fur storage?but it got us thinking about what a similar bankroll would get in the land of $72M mansions and Madonna. Answer: This!

The 20-foot-wide, four-story townhouse at 222 East 62nd Street just hit the market for $5.6 million. The 3,360-square-foot home isn't in the prime Upper East Side lands west of Lexington Avenue, but it is in the Treadwell Historic District. Original details,central air, and a garden out back. Cute, right? According to records, this house belonged to Austrian-American painter Count Rudolf Anton Bernatschke, who died in August, and his wife, Wynne Miller, a veteran Broadway performer and niece of Big Band legend Glenn Miller. There's definitely an old artsy vibe on the inside. The floorplan:

· Listing: 222 East 62nd Street [Leslie J. Garfield]