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A Brief History of the Bouwerie Lane Theatre's Shifting Signage

It's a newsy week at 54 Bond Street, the cast iron Bowery landmark converted to super-luxury condos. A couple of apartments sold, Will Smith snubbed the penthouse and the whole building is being lit up by your friendly neighborhood cable service provider. But those headlines can't distract us from 54 Bond's most intriguing subplot: The mystery of the evolving ornaments. The Cliff's Notes version:

1) The former Bond Street Savings Bank became a theater in 1963, and the Bouwerie Lane Theatre in 1974. Here's the beloved BLT sign before developer Adam Gordon snapped the place up for $15 million in 2007.

2) After Gordon brought Rogan into one of the street-level stores, the fancy fashion designer added his signature to the building just below the old theater sign. A show of respect? Well, look closely and you'll notice the Bouwerie Lane Theatre's Rs got Roganized. Sneaky! And, we must admit, clever!
3) The Bouwerie Lane Theatre sign vanished a little while back, leaving only the black Rogan sign still hanging. But recently a knockoff theater sign appeared, promoting Billy Reid, the building's other upscale fashion boutique. It even features the cracked look of some of the old Bouwerie lettering. But where's the original Bouwerie Lane Theatre sign? Under our Christmas tree, we hope.
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