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Foster Anarchy in 'Subversive' Village Loft ... Only $2.7 Million!

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It didn't take long for this brand new listing at 530 LaGuardia Place to catch the eye of a Curbed tipster: It's not often that multimillion-dollar real estate is advertised as a "creative subversive vibrant artist loft." Turns out the very old-school loft (not one of those super-polished newbies passing themselves off as "lofts") was the home of artists and activists Nancy Spero and Leon Golub for 40 years. Golub died in '04 and Spero passed last October, and now the full-floor 3,200-square-foot space is asking $2.7 million. It may be a little roughed up from four decades of subversiveness, but there are many pluses: 12' ceilings, walls of exposed brick and zero monthly maintenance charges (there's an NYU bookstore on the ground floor that generates enough income for the co-op.) No floorplan, but PropShark has a nice building pic:

· Listing: 530 LaGuardia Place #2 [BHS]