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Hurricane Courtney Love Still Targeting West Village?

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New York Film Critics Circle Award-winner Courtney Love?that's how she's best known, right??has been house-hunting in the West Village on and off for the past two years, after a somewhat messy breakup from Soho celebrity dorm 30 Crosby Street. It got serious enough that Courtney once had to lecture her daughter about credit scores, but she never ended up buying. Well, the hunt goes on! A Curbed tipster reports spotting the human wrecking ball over the weekend exiting the Marc Jacobs store on West 4th and Bank Streets and heading into the on-the-market townhouse at 56 Bank Street two doors down. "She stayed quite a while," our West Village snoop adds. The tip may amount to nothing, but like a neighborhood watchdog handing out fliers when a sex offender arrives in town, we just thought the block might like a heads up.

The historic three-story townhouse with modern guts has a finished English basement and an itty bitty garden, and the asking price is $5.998 million. The house has been on the market since 2007 save for a brief two-month break, suffering various price cuts along the way (it was first listed at $7.48 million). It was purchased for $3.025 million in 2004 by Ostrich Enterprises LLC. Her money issues aside, it looks like Love was in New York this weekend, if we can decode this tweet to mean she was staying at the Mercer. Beware.
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