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Progress at Mondrian Soho; UES Punching Bag Nearly Sold Out

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SOHO?A tipster hooked us up with a fresh photo of Soho's new Mondrian Hotel, which is now pretty heavily glassed. The luxury boutique hotel at 150 Lafayette was supposed to be open this summer, but that's been pushed back to fall. The glass doesn't look very crazy in the progress shot, but check out how it looks up close. Fritmania! [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDE?One could say the chips were stacked against 255 East 75th street, the new 30-story, 76-unit "super luxury" condo building. Sales began in November '08, not a happy time for the real estate market. And the tower, designed by Hugh Hardy's H3 and SLCE, was the subject of one of the most legendary archicritic rants in recent history. But despite all this, building reps inform us the development is now more than 90% sold. Among the units still on the market is a three-bedroom penthouse asking $12.75 million or, brace, $3,935 per square foot. [CurbedWire Inbox]