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Fort Greene's Clermont Greene Now Taking Less Greene

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For all its attractive qualities?landscaped courtyard, underground parking, concierge?Fort Greene's twin-building Clermont Greene has had trouble moving units. Maybe that's because the charm of Fort Greene is the neighborhood's classic brownstones?celebrated in Clermont Greene's own intro video?and this new development is certainly not that. About 25% of the building's 74 condos have sold, and now that buyers can occupy the buildings immediately, the Clermont Greene team is trying to speed things up?with a visit from the Choppah! A fresh wave of price cuts have swept through many of the current listings (check out the wreckage on StreetEasy), including a 23% drop on the most expensive unit, bringing it down from $1.295 million to $999,000. Three bedrooms and a big private terrace in new construction for under a million bucks? Such is the new way. In Brooklyn. Far from a reliable subway line. But still! Other cuts are less dramatic, but the new average price-per-square-foot hovers around $600, and some units?like this $569,000 2br, 2ba?are as low as $550/sf. Time to raid the Fort?
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