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LIC Architecture Contest Runner-Up Goes Cloud-Crazy

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[Renderings by B.I.G.]

When we heard that one of the runners-up in the P.S. 1 Young Architects Program design competition was the Bjarke Ingels Group, we became desperate to see the contest entry. The up-and-coming Danish firm has something of a rep for carbon neutral architectural craziness, and if anyone could rival this year's winning design, we figured it'd be the Bjarke folks. Happily, the renderings, a few of which are galleried above (and are a bit reminiscent of one of last year's runners-up), do not disappoint. But what exactly is this thing?

The Bjarke Ingels Group had this to say about the design:

An installation that consists of 99.9% air is formed as a cloud-like landscape for playing, relaxing, and dancing that provides seating, playgrounds, water, shade and light. The P.S.1 installation is conceived as a three-month chapter in the cradle to cradle life-cycle design of the cloudscape....

The cloudscape is continuous from the entrance to the courtyard, taking on three primary forms?a bubbly dune in the big rectangular courtyard, including a mega air mattress for play and physical activity and a paddling pool surrounded by bouncy seating; a three-dimensional cumulus landscape in the main courtyard with a covered chill out area of air mattresses and beanbags as well as a shaded bar for staff and guests; and a cluster of free floating cirrus clouds above the DJ and dance floor....After deflation at the end of the season, the S-shapes can be folded into Manhattan Portage Bags. Each bag is given a unique number that is printed on the fabric along with the pattern and folding instructions. After the season the bags can be sold as numbered fragments of the total piece.

A paddling pool, a chill out area, a dance floor, and a merchandising opportunity? And it's even made of recycled truck bed covers!
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