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From Tenement to Townhouse on Thompson Street

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What's left of a three-story tenement is currently under wraps at 168 Thompson, just north of Houston Street in the Village. What's to come? A transformation into a single-family townhouse. The old building, sitting on a lot with some colorful history (a pinch of malpractice back in 1859; a dash of counterfeiting in 1923), was bought by current owner David Danzig in $2.922 million in 2004, and is now set to grow to five floors. The plan is from Douglas Gauthier of Gauthier Architects, who with then-partner Jeremy Edmiston brought their Burst*0008 pre-fab house to MoMA a couple of years back. This house's design is also distinctly modern.

The look is vertical metal panels and slabs of glass that contrast with the old brick neighbors. Traditionalists who think that the food next door at Lupa is too "out there" might find this design to be even less to their liking. Renders show a simple base with three entryways and two floors of double-height glass. Balconies and decks mark the front and rear. At one point the Gauthier plan also included a non-profit theater at the basement level, but that plan was withdrawn in March 2009 and the below-grade space is now slated for retail. When things got rough in late 2008 Danzig offered the site for sale for an even $10million (later dropped to $7M), but there were no takers. A batch of recent applications at the DOB indicate that Thompson's new townhouse is on track for construction.
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168 Thompson Street, New York, NY