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A New 'Daylight Harvesting Facade'; Heat Put on Landlords

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[Renderings and photos via Jonathan Kirschenfeld.]

BROWNSVILLE?Speaking of Common Ground and funky metal siding, a tipster points us to another of the nonprofit developer's in-the-works projects, this one in Brownsville. The Domenech (named for a late community activist) will have a mix of studios and one-bedroom units for the homeless and low-income seniors. The seven-story building will also have a library/lounge, and its U-shape creates a nice rear garden. The architect is Jonathan Kirschenfeld, and his website has some renderings and progress shots, some seen above. The building will be done this year. [CurbedWire Inbox/Common Ground]

NYC?Complaining about a lack of heat and hot water is as much an NYC pastime as mocking the G train, but the city's new public advocate, Bill de Blasio, is drafting new legislation to punish negligent landlords. The very appropriately named H.E.A.T. Act (Heat Enforcement for All Tenants) would impose mandatory minimum fines and increase maximum fines for repeat offenders. In 2008 the average fine paid by landlords was $588, and there were over 230,000 complaints fielded by the city about having no heat or hot water. Runnin' Scared has more. [CurbedWire Inbox]