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Upper West Side Penthouse Might Be Taking Steroids

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A mischief-making tipster dared us to plug 243 West End Avenue into the StreetEasy search engine. Since we spend about 99.84 percent of our day browsing listings anyway, we did. And it looks like we have the attack of the growing Upper West Side apartment on our hands. 243 West End Avenue #1704, a 1BR, 1BA co-op, is listed by three different brokerages...with three different sizes. The first listing places the size at 750 square feet, the second (from a brokerage called Cribs of the Crop) at 800 square feet, and the third at 900 square feet. All three have the same ask of $949,000 and maintenance of $2,169, though the smallest version was originally asking $100,000 less when it it hit the market last July. So, commenters, take a look at the floorplan nabbed from one of the listings and tell us which size is correct. Or go really crazy and offer up your own.
· 243 West End Avenue in Lincoln Square [StreetEasy]