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More Pier Pressure for Brooklyn Bridge Park

Even completed parts of Brooklyn Bridge Park have yet to open, and there are serious doubts as to where the money will come from to finish the 1.3-mile stretch of paradise. Time to start talking about the park's next phase! The president of the BBP Development Corporation went in front of a community board subcommittee this week to get approvals for Pier 4, the city-owned pier about halfway between the Brooklyn Bridge and the end of the park. The public review is just a formality, but it presents a good opportunity to get refreshed on the Pier 4 plan. Parts of the deteriorated pier will become a public-accesable walkway, while another part will be turned into an island sanctuary for wildlife (seen in the Van Valkenburgh Associates rendering above). The Pier 4 work will cost $10.8 million, but only a third of that money has been raised. Work on the pier will start in the summer of 2012 and finish up one year later. Fingers crossed!

Up top we've got Pier 4's placement within the lay of the land, and below is a slightly closer look at what to expect. How 'bout an ETA on that beach?!

Okay, one more just for kicks. Here's an overhead shot of the pier (home to an old railroad gantry) via Google Maps?from back during the waterfalls era! Those were the days!

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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201