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New Avenue C Rental Building Ready With Floorplans But No Prices

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We've been showering Avenue D with some attention lately, but it turns out there are new development happenings over on Avenue C, too. Specifically, 189 Avenue C near 12th Street, a forthcoming rental complex called, uh, 189C (tagline: "Come see what's new on Avenue C"). EV Grieve notices the plywood is down and the building's website is up. Said website informs us that the L-shaped building will include studios and one- and two-bedrooms. There are no prices kicking around yet, and EV Grieve notes that the location, near some Mitchell-Lama high rises and the Campos Houses, could be a hard sell, er, rent, to all but nearby NYU students. But while we wait for the prices and worry over whether anyone will pay them, there are, happily, some floorplans.
One potential studio layout:

A one-bedroom:

A two-bedroom:

· Official Website: 189 Avenue C []
· "Come see what's new on Avenue C" [EV Grieve]