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Tribeca and Soho Sales Report: What's Stalled, What's Selling

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The Post takes a long look today at the state of arrested development in Tribeca and Soho. ("If you were wondering whatever happened to downtown Manhattan, you're not alone. We've been wondering, too." Zing!) And? Tribeca and Soho new developments are now trying the full range of expected recession coping strategies, from denial to choppage. At 56 Leonard, where nothing's happening right now, developer Izak Senbahar still says construction on the "future landmark" will resume within the next year. Nearby 34 Leonard looks done, but it's floating in foreclosure purgatory. So are there any successses? Developers have had better luck at The Fairchild, following price cuts, and at Tribeca Lofts, where apartments without finishes were already a relatively cheap $900/square foot when sales began. The Post has put all the building status updates in handy-dandy chart form, which saves us the trouble.
Here's the snapshot of Tribeca and Soho new development:

34 Leonard: Foreclosed
56 Leonard: On hold
Five Franklin Place: On hold
Trump SoHo: Opening TBD
Pearline Soap Factory: 7 units, sold out and fully occupied
Fairchild: 13 of 21 units sold, ready in March
V33: 7 units, 5 sold and a contract out for a deal to combine 2
TriBeCa Lofts: 29 units, all but 1 in contract or closed, occupied
TriBeCa Summit: 62 units, about 80 percent sold, occupied
The Smyth Upstairs: 15 units, 11 units sold or in contract, ready next week
SoHo Mews: 68 units, 31 units sold and another in contract, already occupied
One York: 33 units, 25 sold or in contract, already occupied
350 West Broadway: 7 units, all available, ready for occupancy in 60 days
211 Elizabeth: 15 units, 10 closed and another in contract, already occupied
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The Fairchild

55 Vestry Street, New York, NY

One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013