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Suit Heats Up Anderson Cooper's Village Firehouse Renovation

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In addition to campaigns from Village preservationists, who've been hoping to see landmark status bestowed on Anderson Cooper's $4.3 million firehouse, now the Silver Fox is facing a lawsuit over the historic hotspot. Gawker reports that designer Killian O'Brien is suing Cooper and his architect, Cary Tamarkin, for at least $25,000. O'Brien claims she was injured when she fell through "an unguarded floor opening" while doing contract work for Tamarkin in September. ("Anderson had just left shortly before it happened," O'Brien's attorney tells Gawker.) That "unguarded floor opening" was, according to the attorney, where one of the firepoles had been, and the cap protecting the hole had been removed. Tamarkin originally promised that Cooper would be keeping the home's brass fire poles in place, so on top of everything else, we're expecting the preservationist alarm bells any moment now.
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84 West 3rd Street

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