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The Whitney's Pop-Up Cafe; Scam-Free Valentine's Day Dining; More!

1) UES: When he's not threatening to destroy Nolita with burger fumes, Danny Meyer is taking over the reins of the dining programs at fancy art museums. Check out the details of his pop-up café in the Whitney opening for the museum's biennial.

2) EV/LES: Just when you thought the nightlife wars raging between restaurant/bar owners and local residents couldn't get any crazier, the East Village/Lower East Side reppin' Community Board 3 nearly beats itself up over the issue. Wacky!

3) Greenwich Village: In the latest Who Goes There?, a look at the inner workings of 37-year-old Bleecker Street survivor Suzie's Finest Chinese Cuisine, "one of the only notable, sit-down Chinese eateries left in the Village."

4) NYC: Because eating out on Valentine's Day is akin to sticking hot pokers in your eyeballs, Eater presents a scam-free guide to Black Sunday dining. No lame prix fixes here, single diners.

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