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Sheepshead Bay Hell House Could Become Condos, or Not

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Back in 1909, this Sheepshead Bay house was occupied by cartoonist Winsor McCay, whose work inspired Walt Disney, Maurice Sendak, and others. Today, the look of the house would probably send Walt Disney running for an army of cartoon birds to set the place to rights. But he may not have to. Blog Sheepshead Bites reports that the property's owners hope to tear this hell house down and replace it with condos. If that plan doesn't fly, they might subcontract it to the city, to be turned into a halfway house or a homeless shelter. Sheepshead Bites is pulling for restoration, landmarking, and rebirth as some kind of museum or cultural center. Possible, or are cartoon birds more likely?
· "Hell House" Once Home of Famed Cartoonist [Sheepshead Bites]