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Village Green Becoming an East Village Success Story

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If you thought the green buildings trend was going away anytime soon, think again. We've been hearing that the East Village's Village Green on 11th Street between First and Second Avenues is over 50% sold, and indeed StreetEasy shows that 23 of its 36 units in contract. That's a pretty big accomplishment considering the Stephen B. Jacobs-designed building launched during a very crummy time for the market, with product priced high for the neighborhood (though there aren't many full-service, new-construction condos in the East Village). The marketing pitch became all about the LEED Gold-targeting building's "eco-indulgent" features, and it looks like it worked? The lowest asking price on one of the in-contract units is a $729,000 one bedroom, which is down a bit from initial projections, but still a cushy price. One interesting thing about Village Green is that the big asphalt lot next door (mostly a play area for a school) makes the south side and balcony-loaded rear of the building way more visible than the fancy stone facade out front. Updated construction shots in the gallery above.
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Village Green

311 East 11th Street, New York, NY