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New Soho Billboard Will Block View of Old Soho Billboard

We all know how downtown activists feel about large-scale advertising invading their communities (right, Equinox?), so the Soho Politics blog's reaction to a new advertecture contraption being built on the Thompson/Watts/Broome triangle should come as no surprise. However! There's an interesting little wrinkle in this case:

SoHo is now the proud recipient of yet another useless structure whose only reason for existence – is to sport another "wrap-around" billboard. In fact, the race to create this 40-foot high tubular steel Lego set has pitched media companies against each other. The existing VanWagner sign, which has aided the media mess that is turning SoHo into a mini-Times Square, is apparently going to be partially blocked by the new addition. At least there's some justice in this unfortunate event.You call this justice?! Now no one will find out about Cop Out, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, opening in theaters nationwide 2/26!
· Sign This! [Soho Politics]