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Long Island City Condo Buyers Fight Cops for Parking Spots

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Even though we generally prefer to report on these little new development buyers vs. The Man disagreements while they're still going on, we couldn't pass this one up. Over at One Hunters Point, at 549 Borden Avenue in Long Island City, residents were unhappy about the 15 restricted police parking spots in front of their building. Six months and a lot of petition signatures later, the Department of Transportation took down the "no standing" signs in front of 549 Borden. Victory for the people! Sort of. Turns out the 15 reserved spots were just moved over to nearby Fifth Street. "So we just kicked the can down the street a little," Community Board 2's chair explained, before, we assume, giggling. And the residents of Fifth Street are going to start pointing fingers right So maybe this one's not entirely done after all.
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