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Hipster Hotel Gift Shops; Hunting Fashion Week Freebies; More!

Racked Reader Alert! Last week, we launched a national version of Racked, which lives at But our New York City-specific coverage rolls on stronger than ever at Racked NY, now styling at its new URL, Do bookmark, yes?

1) MePa: Building of the Decade the Standard hotel just opened a small sliver of a gift shop on its ground floor. What's the big deal? Well, over in the Wholesale District, equally hip boutique the Ace Hotel just opened a tchotchke-selling Opening Ceremony and "anti-souvenir shop" Project No. 8, triggering what can only be described as the Gift Shop Wars. It will, scholars say, be the best-dressed battle ever.

2) Bryant Park: The real reason we care about the madness of Fashion Week is a simple one: the abundance of free stuff! One amusing running subplot: Where the gals doling out the gratis YSL Manifesto totes will pop up. Shocker: They weren't trampled today.

3) MePa A touch of sadness has crashed the around-the-clock party that is the Meatpacking District, as the sidewalk outside West 14th Street's Alexander McQueen shop has become a memorial to the designer following his death last week.

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