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Tribeca Loft Doesn't Need Rescue, Does Need Millions

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Think this big Tribeca loft looks a bit ragged for its $3.7 million asking price? Fear not, the 2,881-square-foot space is just playing a game of dress-up. As the listing for the fourth floor of 46 White Street puts it, "The loft is currently being used as a film set and therefore the photos show a number of staged and camouflaged areas." A tipster tells us the current occupant of the 3-4 bedroom loft is the show Rescue Me, but the hues look a bit soft for a tough guy like Denis Leary, no? (Superfans, let us know.) The fifth and penthouse floors of the recently renovated and converted 1865 building are also on the market if you'd like to see what this condo could look like once the Teamsters pack up. There's also some floorplan fun to be had.

The $3.7 million asking price is actually slightly more than the amount that was sought when the same unit was on the market last year, before the cameras rolled and made it a star. StreetEasy still has traces of that old listing, including a pre-renovation flooorplan that?when combined with the above plan?turns this into a Curbed version of Photo Hunt. Spot all the differences and win a prize!*
· Listing: 46 White Street [Corcoran]
*And that prize is more complimentary Curbed content each and every day!