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Already Time for the Annual WTC Transportation Hub Delay?

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Another review by another government agency has been completed on the redevelopment of the World Trade Center, and if you've been following the rebuilding of the WTC then you know new reports don't often mean happy headlines. This one fits snugly into that pattern. The Federal Transit Administration had a looksie at the under-construction Transportation Hub that includes Santiago Calatrava's big bird, and found that the Port Authority has only a 25% chance of hitting the mid-2014 target for completing the choo-choo project. A one-in-four chance doesn't sound all that bad in the grand scheme of WTC delays, but keep in mind that the 2014 deadline was only set in 2008, and the original target was 2011. The FTA's analysis indicates that mid-2015 could be the time for Calatrava's bird to take flight, or maybe not. That date, in the Post's words, "could also falter because of unresolved delays" in the building of developer Larry Silverstein's Towers 2 and 3. Yeesh, can't those things mind their own business?
· WTC transit hub faces delay beyond '14 [NYP]