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Harlem's The Dempsey Will Be 80 Units of Affordability

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After a brief foray to Hell's Kitchen for some new development news, we're back in Harlem. Blog Harlem Bespoke has some intel on the new housing complex going up at 130-150 West 128th Street. Name? The Dempsey. Stats? Eighty affordable housing units in a six-story building. And Harlem Bespoke, at least, is a fan of the architecture: "The design looks initially spare but upon closer inspection, contrast brickwork at the base of the building, windows with lintels, corner battlements and rooftop handrails that mimic balustrade are all modern renditions of later prewar designs....this development looks pretty updated for something that is affordable, well designed and contextual to the neighborhood...much better than the wasted space of the former parking lot."
· Introducing: The Dempsey Apartments [Harlem Bespoke]