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Toren Has DoBro Speaking Dutch, But How's it Looking?

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We've already done the rendering vs. reality comparison on the private swimming pool within Toren, but now we're back for the main event! Less than two years after we got our renderings reveal, the Downtown Brooklyn luxury condo tower (Toren is actually Dutch for "tower") is closing units. So far it's just a handful of the cheaper stuff, with the priciest sales being a 1,033-square-foot 2BR, 2BA going for $725,000, and mysterious #606 selling for $850,000. The SOM-designed, 38-story Myrtle Avenue condominium was one of the flashiest projects announced during the real estate boom, and odds are it's one of the most daring residential buildings to come out of the meltdown intact. For these reasons, the gang at World Architecture News decided to journey to the wilds of "New York borough" Brooklyn to assess the outcome. Their take? Toren was "worth waiting for." WAN also has a great gallery of images, and love Toren or call it a zebra, you can't deny that the parties involved nailed it when it comes to delivering on the vision.

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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201