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Is Green Harlem Townhouse Too 'Sanitized' To Sell?

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Here, at 151 West 122nd Street, we have what is apparently the only silver LEED-certified townhouse in New York. It earned that designation thanks to the efforts of Good Housekeeping, which put in the house's recycled denim insulation, thermal windows, and rooftop solar panels in partnership with community initiative "Go Green East Harlem." Despite a wave of press love, though, the listing hasn't exactly led a charmed life. It first hit the market in September '08 asking $4.05 million. Several disappearing acts, chops, and broker switches later, the ask is $2.79 million. But some critics still think the "totally sanitized" interiors are boring enough to outweigh even a zero-dollar electric bill. Agree/disagree?

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