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Pricing is in the Details for Upper West Side Triplets

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The real estate page in New York magazine this week compares two units in pre-war Upper West Side condo conversion 314 West 100th Street, between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive. The apartments are the same size (1,076 square feet) and share the same layout (2BR, 1BA), and even if the one-floor difference between the two can help explain a slight difference in cost, the $122,037 premium put on unit #76 over unit #66 seems a bit high. So what's gives? Like Kenny Rogers once said, it's the wood that makes it good. The upstairs unit, asking $1,117,037, has maple cupboards and new white-oak inlaid floors. Meanwhile, its $995,000 downstairs neighbor has refinished original floors and "okay" white-painted cabinets. Should those touches make that big a difference? Well, here's something else to chew on: A third unit in the line is also on the market.

Right beneath that twosome is #56, same stats and all. It's asking $1,067,037, and while the kitchen looks the same as the cheapest in the crew (albeit with a more Don Johnson fridge) , the flooring is described as "brand new herringbone hardwood floors with stunning inlaid borders." Which, according to our sliding scale of big ballin', puts it above the polished-up old stuff but just under that sweet sweet oak. So who's got a favorite?
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