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UWS Church Strikes Back Against 'Marauding Preservationists'

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Preservationists thought their prayers were answered when Amsterdam Avenue's West-Park Presbyterian Church was landmarked at long last in January. But church officials were against the landmarking all along, and now they're mobilizing the troops to fight back. The Observer's Eliot Brown reports that the church is trying to convince the City Council to overturn the landmark designation. They've called for Presbyterian clergy around the city to send letters to council members, offering this template: "If you and your fellow City Council members approve the LPC's action, every church, synagogue, mosque, temple and religious institution across the city will not be safe from the actions of marauding preservationists." So is the UWS about to erupt in holy war? Probably not: the City Council tends to side with the local member on such decisions, and Councilwoman Gale Brewer has long supported the church's landmarking. But the church could always turn to the Landmarks Preservation Commission's "hardship" process, which might get the building demolished instead.
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