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East Village Theater Restored; Architecture Awards Need Help

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EAST VILLAGE?After what feels like an eternity (though permits were issued only 16 months ago) the Village East movie theater at 181 Second Avenue has lost its scaffolding and netting and unveiled its restored look. The East Village movie palace was a Yiddish theater back in the day, and has a fairly detailed facade that need fixing. Work included rebuilding masonry and parapets, as well as new roofing. The place was looking a bit sickly a few years back. [CurbedWire Staff]

ARCHIGEEKISTAN?Our homeys at the Municipal Art Society are seeking ideas from Curbed readers on nominees for the group's MASterworks, the annual doling out of awards for achievements in architecture and urban design. The deadline for nominations is in 10 days, and you can add your two cents on the MASterworks website. Last year's Best New Building was the Standard, so clearly they're doing something right over there at MAS. [CurbedWire Inbox]

181 2nd Avenue, New York, NY