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WTC Redevelopment Battle Explodes Onto 60 Minutes

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New Yorkers that have been following the saga are no longer amazed by the difficulties, controversies, delays, insults, harsh threats and gentle ivory-tickling that make up the rebuilding of Ground Zero, but the rest of the country might be wondering why 16 acres of prime Lower Manhattan land are still mostly a muddy pit after eight years. Enter venerable news outfit 60 Minutes, which will air a segment on the World Trade Center scrum this Sunday night. In the 90-second preview clip, warring WTC developer Larry Silverstein calls the situation "a national disgrace," though isn't he part of the problem? It's odd that this segment comes when there is actually plenty of visible progress on a number of big WTC projects (and with the Port Authority and Silverstein in heated negotiations over Towers 2 and 3), but whatevs, we'll have our popcorn ready.
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