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Curbed Poll: Battle of the 95th Street Dream Houses

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Things that are hard in life: trying to decide between two Manhattan dream houses. Specifically, two Manhattan dream townhouses on 95th Street. Which is where you come in, Curbed readers. Save us from being stranded in the middle of Central Park, paralyzed by indecision and hemmed in by rabid raccoons. These townhouses at 45 West 95th Street and 14 East 95th Street are both newly on the market. The UWS 4BR, 4BA is asking $6,995,000; the UES 9BR, 10BA, $18,500,000. And while both have been recently renovated, the results are pretty darn different. Take a look at the homes' interiors below and pick your favorite.

The Kitchen: The UWS listing invites you to try "the most complicated culinary exploits" in its kitchen, while the UES kitchen has plenty of space for that body in the fridge.

View from the Back: Our UES contender emphasizes the terrace's entertainment space, while the UWS townhouse goes all glassy in back.

Living Room: There are two working fireplaces for sure on the UES, and the UWS photos show the same number, so this one could be a tie.

Bathroom: The UES might take this one on size, but hey, cool lighting, UWS!

Wild Card: The UWS has a sweet indoor lap pool. Does the UES's funky roof thingy match up?

Poll results

· Listing: 14 East 95th Street [Elliman]

14 East 95th Street

14 East 95th Street, New York, NY