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Desperate Seller Wants Out at Upper East Side's Miraval Living

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When UES spa/condo creation Miraval Living first hit the market, we thought the only attempted flips we'd see would be backflips into that sweet lap pool for dive-in movie nights. Not so! There's one desperate (we presume) re-seller who wants out of the building enough to put his condo back on the market at a pretty steep loss?and then keep cutting. The owner of #6H, who purchased the 650-square-foot unit in early '08 for $812,057, relisted the 1BR, 1BA last year at $699,000. It's now down to $649,000. That makes it the least expensive apartment currently on the market in the building, including a couple of studios, according to StreetEasy. (The next priciest apartment in the same line, three floors up, is asking $794,000.) And the most recent chop gives the seller those under-$1K/square foot bragging rights. We have no idea why this particular seller is in such a frenzy to leave, but maybe he really doesn't like Le Bernardin?

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515 East 72nd St

515 East 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021